Hendrik Jan Wolter (1873-1952)


2.8 Onbekend (Nederland)

Hendrik Jan Wolter
Flowering broom, dated 1900
canvas, oil paint 46 x 56 cm
lower left : H.J. Wolter 1900
Christie's (Amsterdam) 2013-11-20 - 2013-11-21, nr. 370

Hendrik Jan Wolter
The white fence, c. 1919
panel, oil paint 37 x 43 cm
lower right : HJ. Wolter
Christie's (Amsterdam) 2000-11-30, nr. 6

Hendrik Jan Wolter
Houses in a field,
canvas, oil paint 51 x 66 cm
lower left : H.J. Wolter
Amsterdam, art dealer Dolf D. van Omme

Hendrik Jan Wolter
City view with a draw bridge,
unknown, unknown ? x ? cm
lower right : H. J. Wolter
Whereabouts unknown

Hendrik Jan Wolter
Wagon along the riverside,
cardboard, oil paint 41 x 49 cm
lower left : HJ Wolter
Christie's (Amsterdam) 2009-11-17, nr. 142

Hendrik Jan Wolter
Harbor quay,
panel, oil paint 10 x 12 cm
Private collection

Hendrik Jan Wolter
My house boat, the Phaselus,
panel, oil paint 18 x 27 cm
verso :
Amsterdam/London, art dealer Douwes Fine Art

Hendrik Jan Wolter
A river view,
canvas, oil paint 16 x 22 cm
lower right : H.J. Wolter
Sotheby's Arcade Auctions (New York City) 1985-12-18, nr. 20

Hendrik Jan Wolter
Houseboats along the quay,
board, oil paint 36,5 x 44 cm
Christie's (Amsterdam) 2014-05-13 - 2014-05-14, nr. 273

Hendrik Jan Wolter
In the harbour,
board, oil paint 36 x 44 cm
lower right : H.J. Wolter
Christie's (Amsterdam) 2015-11-17 - 2015-11-18, nr. 269

Hendrik Jan Wolter
Moored boats near a village,
panel, oil paint 36 x 43 cm
lower right : HWolter
Sotheby's (Amsterdam) 2007-09-04, nr. 223

Hendrik Jan Wolter
Inner harbor,
canvas, oil paint 31 x 44,5 cm
lower right : HJWolter
Glerum (The Hague) 1994-04-18, nr. 261

Hendrik Jan Wolter
Entering the harbour,
panel, oil paint 31,5 x 46 cm
lower left : HJ Wolter
Christie's (Amsterdam) 2015-06-23 - 2015-06-24, nr. 334

Hendrik Jan Wolter
Harbour, The Netherlands,
panel, oil paint 25 x 35,5 cm
lower right : H.J. Wolter
Whereabouts unknown

Hendrik Jan Wolter
In the harbor,
canvas, oil paint 40,6 x 50,2 cm
lower left : HJWolter
Christie's (New York City) 1993-10-12, nr. 189

Hendrik Jan Wolter
Rough sea - Beach of the North Sea,
panel, oil paint 35 x 43,3 cm
lower right : HJWolter
AAG (Arts & Antiques Group) (Amsterdam) 2011-03-07, nr. 259

Hendrik Jan Wolter
Harbour view, c. 1922
canvas, oil paint 45 x 54 cm
Glerum (Amsterdam) 2004-06-07, nr. 65

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